Time to control your incentives

Multiply the ROI of your incentive campaigns.

The new incentive engine

Roiward allows you to create, launch and pay for your incentive and gift card campaigns, while fully controlling all of them. We call it the smart way. The smart way, because now you will be able to have full traceability of each and every ticket you sent, thanks to our unique features. Enabling you to analyze the data generated by your campaigns and fully optimize, defend and learn from them.


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700+ different vouchers in countries of Europe like France, Italy, Spain or Portugal.

We are the only company that can provide you Amazon Products with just a few clicks

Your customers will receive it in 24/48 hours automatically by API REST

Some of our engine capabilities to improve your ROI


Before, you paid for all the vouchers, no matter what happened to them, now you will know how many of your vouchers were not redeemed and get a minimum of 50% of them back.


Before, you were working using manual processes, CSVs and continuous negotiations to deliver your incentives campaigns, now with our platform you can automatically choose, buy, deliver and fully control those incentives campaigns.


Before, once a campaign was launched there was no room for changes, now you will easily optimize your strategies, campaign, and budgets on the go. ¡Even on a monthly basis!


Before this Saas, you had a blindfold, you didn't know what was really happening with your vouchers, now you will have full visibility of the redeemed incentives, in order to track the acceptance that your rewards are having in real-time. Get to know your audience much better and what they really like.

It’s technology, but it works like magic.

    You get ROI they get rewards. 

    You get ROI they get rewards. 

    You get ROI they get rewards. 

    You get ROI they get rewards. 

    You get ROI they get rewards.