case study

End of Year campaign - MotoCard

MotoCard boosted the performance of their December sales by with a free flight incentive.

MotoCard is the European leader in the distribution of motorcycle gear. They are a certified B Corp with a passion for everything motorcycling.

In the world of motorcycle gear, December is a big month. Lovers of speed, style and safety can find the perfect holiday gifts in the MotoCard e-shop.

For December 2023, MotoCard decided to do things a bit differently.

Instead of repeating last year's campaign, they were ready to try incentive marketing.

MotoCard defined the scope with us.

Everyone who purchased of over 299 euros in their e-shop would get a free flight.

Speed was the top priority. It was already mid November, and we needed to launch the incentive campaign early December. No time for a full integration. 

Coordinating with the MotoCard marketing team and web master, we set up a simple customer journey:

  1. the end-customer purchased for over 299 EUR with MotoCard.
  2. they received a MotoCard branded e-mail with a unique voucher code.
  3. the end-customer could book their flight on a MotoCard branded booking engine.


Year-on-year the campaign performed 28% better.

MotoCard found a new way to fly above expectations and delight their shoppers. 

In a few short weeks, we created a new customer journey with a custom booking engine and big return on investment.

What a ride!


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