case study

Sales campaign - Unieuro

Electronics retailer Unieuro benefited twice from the tactical advantage of offering free flights.

Unieuro is the leader in the distribution of consumer electronics and household appliances in Italy.

The consumer electronics market is all about discounts. Valentine’s day, Black Friday, Christmas,… discounts are a tried and tested tactic for increasing sales.

Unieuro was curious to find out if another approach could be more even effective.

And the goal was super clear: boost sales.

Instead of setting up yet another discount campaign, Unieuro decided to try something much more exciting.

Free flights!

During this incentive campaign, every purchase over 299 euro came with a free flight.

Together with the marketing operations team at Unieuro, we created a custom flight booking engine powered by where customers could book free flights with high perceived value.

So what happened? 

The campaign boosted the number of sales and the average sale value.

For Unieuro, this incentive campaign cost less than 10% of the sale value per customer, a sweet return on investment. 

Is this the end of discounts? Not at all.

Discount campaigns just have a high-ROI brother now: incentive campaigns with Roiward.

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