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Employee Engagement - Tradler

Tradler avoided operational chaos by managing thousands of employee rewards across multiple countries with Roiward.

Tradler is a global solution for employee engagement and performance. Employers work with Tradler to create incentive-based engagement programs.

Tradler offered a wide range of rewards, but their international growth had increased operational complexity for Tradler’s team.

Hundreds of different reward options, in dozens of countries, in multiple currencies…

This was going down the path of operational chaos.

It was time to level up.

Jasper Deprez, the CEO of Tradler, wanted to simplify sending and managing rewards to the end-users. Minimising overhead would help avoid the inevitable mistakes that come with manual management.

At first, we worked with the Tradler team to map their needs:

  1. The number one priority was to unlock operational efficiency.

  2. Tradler also needed a large catalog with appealing rewards.

  3. Data about the past and available rewards would have to be accessible for the end-customer.

  4. Customer support would need to be able to view and re-send rewards quickly.

Rewards are a core part of Tradler’s business, so they had high expectations.

Together with Tradler, we set up the Roiward platform to support their operations.

After a quick API integration they ran the first trial: an employee benefits program in the Netherlands.

The Tradler team set up and ran the campaign with a few clicks. Super simple.

A few weeks later we rolled out the Roiward platform to 7 countries.

And it doesn't end there. Tradler recently introduced the option for employees to use their reward points for micro-donations.

That’s what we call next-level incentive campaigns.

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