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Growth Experiment - Product Hackers

Product Hackers created their client's most cost-efficient incentive marketing campaign ever.

Product Hackers is a Growth agency focused on accelerating Growth businesses, using a scientific method of continual experimentation, SOLID Growth.

Product Hackers contacted us when an experiment with online insurance provider Verti had hit a roadblock.

The incentive marketing experiment to increase conversion on car insurance was working well. But because the costs of the incentives were too high, the experiment's ROI did not make sense. 

Product Hackers contacted us to explore how to decrease costs and make the incentive campaign work.

Their request was two-fold.

  1. The ROI of this incentive campaign needed to improved dramatically.

  2. Marketing, customer support and compliance teams would need full visibility.

We built the Roiward platform with efficiency and transparency in mind, so on paper it fit the bill perfectly. Time to prove it.

Product Hackers suggested starting with a small trial. We enabled the team to run their incentive campaign for car insurance conversion without a full integration. 

Incentive marketing became easy for the Verti team. One person could run the entire incentive campaign, on easy mode. When the campaign had run its course, Verti was even happier with the financial ROI.

Over 30% of the total budget could be reused.

Roiward enabled Verti to recover the funds of unclaimed vouchers and use them as credit for their next campaign.

The slam dunk success of our first trial campaign together resulted in a full integration with Verti. 

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