case study

Welfare credit travel bookings

Simplifying the Welfare credit purchase journey led to double the bookings in one month's time.

This case study describes our project with a European HR tech provider with 4000+ clients. For confidentiality reasons we will call them "Client Z".

Client Z offered their clients the possibility to use Welfare credit to book travel. 

However, the process did not flow too well: 

An employee with Welfare credit would have to find their travel deal in a clunky search engine, then go into another tool to request a voucher for the exact amount and go back to book the travel using the voucher code.

For an employee, this was a clunky flow that led to a lot of drop-offs. But client Z was determined to provide a great UX, so they reached out to our partner and Roiward to upgrade the experience.

We worked with to create a fully integrated Welfare credit booking experience. Employees would now get to search, select and purchase their travel in one single interface, with a familiar user experience.

No more vouchers. One single booking journey. 

And thousands of happy employees.

This shift to a smooth UX has more than doubled the Welfare credit travel spending for Client Z. In the first 30 days after our roll-out, thousands of employees booked travel with Welfare credit.

And we predict continued growth, as employees learn they can book travel with Welfare credit, on easy mode. 


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