case study

Loyalty - Verti

Insurance provider Verti took customer loyalty to the next level with a sticky incentive campaign powered by Roiward.

Verti is the number 1 online consumer insurance company in Spain with a fully digital customer journey.

Verti had been working with Roiward for incentive marketing since their first successful collaboration on car insurance conversion.

 Delighted by their experience, Verti was inspired to take it to the next level.

Alejandro Dominguez, CMO at Verti, knew that customer loyalty was essential to Verti’s long-term success, and incentive marketing played a major role in their loyalty strategy.

Verti's marketing team was already using Roiward with their CRM system. Now, we also needed to integrate with customer support.

Our API made that easy.

In a few weeks time, the Verti team set up their loyalty incentive campaign on the Roiward platform.

At first, they offered Amazon vouchers to customers who would renew their yearly contact.

The results were positive.

The easy incentive marketing campaign generated 15% savings of the cost per renewal.

Talk about sticky incentive with a sweet ROI.

And Verti isn’t done yet.

The success of their incentive marketing campaigns with Roiward inspired them to introduce a new kind of incentive: multi-vouchers. These vouchers can be spent in the shop of their customer’s choosing.

Hyper personal. Hyper effective.

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