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Next level incentive campaigns, on easy mode.

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Next level incentive campaigns, on easy mode.

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Sticky incentives with a sweet ROI.

Roiward is the platform for giving employees and customers sticky incentives, with a sweet return on investment.

Loyalty is a gift.

Our love language is giving. We have made it possible for employers and marketers to build loyalty and engagement with incentive campaigns.

Million USD market by 2028

Incentives and rewards are projected to grow with a 10.1% worldwide.

Level up loyalty and engagement with incentives.

Next level incentives
on easy mode

Next level campaigns

Rethink your prejudice on incentive campaigns. Roiward is the new best practice to offer a wide range of incentives in a few clicks.

Reclaim your budget.

Reuse the funds of unclaimed vouchers. Unused credit is restored as budget to your account, for the next incentive campaign.

Sticky & sweet incentives.

Choose the perfect incentive from our wide library of options: digital vouchers, physical gifts, free flights or micro donations.

Data driven generosity.

Better giving leads to win-win-winning. Watch your incentive campaigns level up fast.

our incentives

Digital Vouchers
A network of +1200 brands offering digital vouchers, in all of Europe.
Physical products
Send millions of physical products to your customer’s doorsteps with next day delivery.
Travel rewards
Offer exclusive flight and travel incentives, priceless experiences with a high perceived value that don’t break your budget.
Micro donations
Give the chance to make a change. Let incentives be used as valued donations to a good cause of choice.
Prepaid credit card
Prepaid credit cards that give full freedom of choice to customers or employees.

Roiward for marketing agencies

Provide next-level incentive marketing services, on easy mode.

Roiward for HR

Give next-level employee rewards and benefits, on easy mode.

Roiward for marketing teams

Run next level incentive marketing campaigns, on easy mode.

Start giving, on easy mode.

Huge incentives library

  • Gift cards
  • Travel Rewards
  • Physical Products
  • Micro Donations

AI powered optimisation

  • AI-powered campaign reports
  • Live performance tracking
  • Learn and improve

Intelligent budget control

  • Budget control with credit system
  • Adapt budget on the fly
  • Reuse unused credit

Low-tech interface & integration

  • No-tech learning curve
  •  Integrate with any CRM system
  • Custom communications via email, sms
  • Frame 10-1
    Case study: Global employee rewards program

    Tradler avoided operational chaos by managing thousands of employee rewards across multiple countries with Roiward.

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  • Frame 11
    Case study: Growth agency conversion campaign

    Product Hackers created their client's most cost-efficient incentive marketing campaign ever.

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  • Portada_twg_verti_1
    Case study: Insurance loyalty renewal campaign
    Insurance provider Verti took customer loyalty to the next level with a renewal incentive campaign powered by Roiward.
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  • Frame 31
    Case study: Electronics retailer conversion campaign
    Electronics retailer Unieuro benefited twice from the tactical advantage of offering free flights.
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  • Frame 26-1
    Case study: Apparel e-commerce sales campaign
    MotoCard boosted the performance of their December sales by with a free flight incentive.
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Next level incentives for marketing and HR.

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The power of giving

Foster long-term relationships with incentives.