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Win the incentive marketing game, on easy mode.

Roiward is the platform for marketing and growth agencies to run next level incentive marketing campaigns.

Incentive marketing

Tap into the CMO priority

With a CAGR of 10.1%, incentives and rewards are a booming multi-billion dollar market. Tap into the growing budgets for incentive marketing as CMO's are prioritising loyalty, upsell and engagement.

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Run sticky incentive campaigns with a sweet ROI that wow your clients.

Next level campaigns

Rethink your prejudice on incentive marketing. Run high-value incentive campaigns in a few clicks.

Fly above expectations

Offer exclusive flight and travel incentives, priceless experiences that delight customers.

Make it your own

Integrates with all major CRM systems. Supports your plans, from experiment to full fledged program.


Add a juicy new line to client contracts, on easy mode.

Huge incentives library.

Choose the incentive that fits your campaign targets; gift cards, travel rewards, physical products or micro donations.

Low tech user experience.

Integrate the Roiward API into your CRM to enable even the most non-tech users tp run and manage impressive incentive campaigns. 

Intelligent budget control.

Track open rates, voucher usage and budget to optimise the campaign in real time.

for who
Top level agencies partner with us to unlock the upside of incentive marketing.
Group 43
Marketing agencies use Roiward to run incentive marketing campaigns that foster high-value relationships for their clients.
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Growth agencies use Roiward to set up incentive-based experiments from the start until the end of the funnel.
Partner program

Become a Roiward partner and share the rewards.

Introduction partners

Set up an introduction for us with a potential Roiward client.

Implementation partner

Set up an introduction and help us sell Roiward to a new client.

Integration partners

Leverage our platform as part of your service offering.
case study
Product Hackers created their client's most cost-efficient incentive marketing campaign ever.

Our love language is giving. We have made it possible for marketing agencies of any scale to build loyalty and engagement with incentive marketing.

Run incentive campaigns for your clients, on easy mode.