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Run next level incentive campaigns, on easy mode.

Roiward is the platform for marketing teams to run data-driven incentive marketing campaigns that delight customers.

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Incentive marketing

Next level loyalty

Loyalty is a strategic brand priority. As brands aim to increase CLV, incentives and rewards have become a booming multi-billion dollar market with a  CAGR of 10.1%. 

Up to 306% higher customer lifetime value for loyal customers.

Run sticky incentive campaigns with a sweet ROI.

Next level campaigns

Rethink your prejudice on incentive marketing. Run high-value incentive campaigns in a few clicks.

Reclaim your budget

Reuse the funds of unclaimed vouchers. Unused credit is restored as budget to your account, for the next incentive campaign.

Make it your own

Integrates with all major CRM systems. Supports your loyalty and acquisition campaigns across all channels.


Keep your customers close and your workload easy.

Huge incentives library

Choose the incentive that fits your campaign targets; gift cards, travel rewards, physical products or micro donations.

Low tech user experience

Click the Roiward API into your CRM to enable even the most non-tech users tp run and manage impressive incentive campaigns. 

Intelligent budget control

An innovative credit system gives you full transparency on your budget and will enable you to reuse the funds of unused vouchers.

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We unlock the power of incentive marketing for teams with ambitious KPI's.
Group 46
Well-chosen incentives that show care and appreciation are fuel for Customer Lifetime Value growth.
Group 59
service providers
Incentive marketing levels up customer relationships for telecom operators, energy providers, insurance and banking.

Choose your ideal package

One-time campaign

Run one campaign with us, with zero integration and a sweet ROI.

Marketing integration

Run easy campaigns with the sticky-sweet incentives from the Roiward library.

Full integration

Integrate with your full operations stack and make our platform your own.
case study
Insurance provider Verti took customer loyalty to the next level with a sticky incentive campaign powered by Roiward.

Our love language is giving. We have made it possible for marketing teams to build a loyalty strategy around data-driven generosity.

Sticky incentive campaigns with a sweet return on investment.