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Next level employee incentives, on easy mode.

Roiward is the engine for HR to unlock next level employee incentives and employee engagement programs.

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Employee incentives

The war for loyal talent

As employers look for ways to increase engagement and loyalty in an era of easy job hopping, incentives and rewards have become a growth market with 10.1% CAGR .


Give sticky employee incentives with a sweet ROI.

Sticky-sweet incentives

Choose the perfect incentive from a wide library of options. Showing you care is the key to unlocking long-term loyalty.

Data-driven generosity

Better giving leads to win-win-winning. By tracking performance of your incentive campaigns, you get level up continuously.

Fly above expectations

Exclusive flight and travel incentives, priceless experiences with high perceived value that delight employees.


Offer a high-value benefits package, on easy mode.

Huge incentives library

Choose the incentive that fits your clients' benefits strategy; gift cards, travel rewards, physical products or micro donations.

Low tech user experience

Integrate the Roiward API into your HR management system to enable even the most non-tech users to attribute impressive employee incentives. 

Intelligent budget control

Get the most out of your client's budget with a credit system that does not let unused vouchers go to waste and real-time budget controls. 

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Partner with us to level up employee incentives.
Group 47
Employers use Roiward to create highly valued incentive packages for special occasions.
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HR tech agencies use Roiward to set up exciting employee engagement programs.
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Tradler avoided operational chaos by managing thousands of employee rewards across multiple countries with Roiward.

Our love language is giving. We have made it possible for HR teams of any scale to unlock employee loyalty and engagement with incentives.

Sticky employee incentives with a sweet return on investment.